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Imagine having your brand's voice shaped, and content created, by a multiple award-winning advertising creative director and copywriter.

Someone with a background degree in psychology with certifications in neuroscience and neuro-marketing. And 20+ years of professional storytelling experience with Ogilvy, Saatchi, Bates, DraftFCB, etc.

I've been called 'the perfect storyteller!' by The Telegraph UK (you can't believe everything you read in the newspapers).

Most of all I love leveraging the neuro-science of persuasion, and pioneered the practice of creating a 'neuro-chemical-driven emotional  journey to maximise engagement and persuasion of readers.

I've helped a real estate company sell properties at 20% premiums to market value.

I've helped an airline achieve a 118% YOY passenger uplift.

I've helped a tourism board achieve a 49% spike in downloads.

Imagine how I could help you create a more human voice for your brand, and make your messages sticky, sticky, sticky with world-class words.

These are just some of the freelance copywriter projects I can tackle for you:

Website/ landing page copywriting

Media releases and Press Releases

Executive speeches and announcements

Advertising copy (online/offline/ below the line)

Investment Proposal approach letters

Proposal and presentation documents

Sales and Marketing letters and EDMs

Blogs and Marcomms material

Did you have something else in mind? Ask me.

 Thanks!     Stuart Lloyd - the Special Sauce Guy

Contact me today to discuss making your next content creation project a breakthrough success.
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